The mission of INACH is to comply with the National Antarctic Policy by encouraging the development of scientific, technological and innovation research in Antarctica according to international standards; participating effectively in the Antarctic Treaty System and International Forums; strengthening Punta Arenas as a gateway to the White Continent; carrying out actions to disseminate and value Antarctic knowledge to the national community, and advising the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The council is an international association, formed in 1988, which brings together our Members – the governmental National Antarctic Programs. Those programs are the organizations that have the responsibility for delivering and supporting scientific research in the Antarctic Treaty Area on behalf of their respective governments and in the spirit of the Antarctic Treaty.

The Antarctic and Ocean Governance area supports research in law, the social sciences and the humanities. Our research explores the legal and governance challenges surrounding Antarctica and the Southern Ocean plus insights from the humanities on the history and culture of these areas. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Instituto Antartico Argentino

The job of the Instituto is to define, develop, direct, control, coordinate and disseminate Argentine scientific-technological activity in Antarctica, with the aim of supporting Argentine interests in the region, within the framework of the full validity of the Antarctic Treaty and in close communication. with the national and international scientific community and society.

The Uruguayan Antarctic Institute is the administrative body of the Uruguayan National Antarctic Program (PNA), and therefore responsible for Antarctic activities in the scientific, technological and logistical areas. The PNA is the set of public and private organizations that develop diplomatic, scientific and logistical activities, which enable Uruguay to function as a Consultative Member of the Antarctic Treaty, in accordance with its guidelines and guided by the National Antarctic Policy. The IAU has the role of Administrator of the PNA, being the coordinating body and through which the State’s activity in Antarctica is carried out.

The SAPRI team is pleased to inform you that the contractual agreement for the starting of the SAPRI implementation phase is being finalized between the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and National Research Foundation of South Africa (NRF).